Fiberglass and Silicone Rubber Moulds.

Pillars, Columns, Pots, Pavers, Finials, Bird Baths, Benches, Stepping Stones, Vases, Balustrades, Copings, Porticos etc.
Our moulds are made by highly qualified personnel and will produce quality products in the harsh concrete casting environment for many years.
Use one of our standard designs or submit your own pattern.

We have a unique range of molds to produce interior design accessories, garden d├ęcor pieces and building products with a difference. Stunning water features, gorgeous contemporary art pieces and beautiful furniture.

If you are looking at either starting a new business or expanding your existing one - you really should be taking a look at what we offer.
Although we prefer to quote on specific enquiries you can find some indicators here...
More Images depicting the process of mould making.